Company Brief Introduction

SESAMECO was established in 2002 and it has achieved huge success since then. The company is growing so fast. Recently, we became a partnership company with one of the biggest companies whose annual sales exceed 70,000 metric ton per year. This new acquisition will give you us the advantage of offering higher quality and more competitive prices. Our main market covers North America.

Main Products

  • Natural sesame
  • Hulled Sesame Seeds
  • Roasted Sesame Seeds
  • Seasame Paste – Tahina
  • Falafel Legume Mix
  • Chickpeas

Our Factory

Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter and Distributor

SESAMECO has modernized production equipment’s, and the daily output is 53,000 Lbs. We are North America’s first company in peeling Hulled sesame seeds.

It is made of superior sheer white sesame after more than ten refining procedures:

Blowing selecting, stones removing, exuviating, drying and polishing etc. After being processed, the grain will be of satiety, pure white, brickle and delicious. The company will be providing all clients with the option of designing their packages according to the requirements of their customers. Our productions are suitable for hamburger bread, cakes and sweets. They are also the indispensable materials for foodstuff factories, and biscuit processing industry.